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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1

Masterbath remodel

Can you refinish engineered hardwood floors? 

We are asked this question a lot and it depends on the quality of the flooring but for the most part you can lightly refinish a true engineered hardwood floor once in its lifetime. 

Customer Question #2

Fireplace renovation

Do you coach other investors or those wanting to become investors on flipping homes? 

We have in the past and will but it depends on your willingness to put in the time it takes to learn the business. I will not coach someone who expects that I will just take care of everything and see them at closing. That is a partner investor and if that is something you are interested in we do that as well but have a long waiting list. 

Customer Question #3

Kitchen remodel

Since you purchase many homes and flips, how do I know you aren't cherry picking the best for yourself? 

Every investor has a different appetite and level of skill and area they prefer to work in. The homes we purchase are typically ones investors we work with passed on and are on the higher level of skill and require someone who isn't afraid of structural issues and health/safety issues. I find most flippers want a lipstick project and we shy away from those personally.